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Paypal Purpose Code For INDIAN Freelancers!


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If you are a freelance writer, programmer, artist, web designer, digital marketer, doing surveys or even UHRS work, dealing with foreign clients via fiverr, freelancer or upwork, you must have a PayPal account.

At first, PayPal had declared that Indian users had to use IEC or Import/Export code for transferring and receiving money via the platform. Fortunately, the PayPal blog later disclosed that IEC was not required and Indian users can very well receive money by choosing a suitable PayPal purpose code. This was news of relief for Indian users since they were saved from the hassle of applying for an IEC number with the Indian Government.

You can use one of the following purpose codes to receive payments for your freelancing work or from foreign clients.

  1. P0805
  2. P1007

Note that, PayPal is only for receiving payment from foreign countries. For this reason, the purpose of receiving money from abroad must be disclosed. PayPal doesn't allow money transfers between people residing in India.

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