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Survey sites that Actually paid me (with payment proof)


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This is my very first post on the forum and the intention is to help our dear friends. Kindly bare with me the mistakes.

  •  What are online surveys?

Online surveys are used by market researchers to gauge public opinion on specific products or topics. Brands will commission market research companies to deliver these surveys on their behalf. You can register with these market research sites, take the surveys and get paid for your efforts.

  • How do paid survey sites work?

Paid survey sites work by sending market research surveys out to registered users. You’ll complete your profile so that they know which surveys are most relevant to you. You can then complete these online surveys in exchange for payment. Payments are not usually very high, but when completed regularly can build up.

  • Do paid surveys take long?

The length of each online survey will differ depending on the topic. Some can take just 5-10 minutes, while some can take up to 30 mins each. You should be given a rough idea of how long the survey will take before you start.


Which survey sites has paid me till date?

Though I have signed up for a number of survey sites, only few of them lived up to the expectations and paid me. I will be adding more websites to the list later on. Following survey app was the first to send a payment on my PayPal account ever since I got started with the beermoney thing. 

1) Attapoll 

AttaPoll is a mobile app, available across the world on iOS and Android, which allows you to earn money by answering surveys.

There is no desktop website. You can download the app from play store and app store


  • New surveys every day ( usually at night )
  • Low payout threshold (3$) 
  • User friendly App
  • Available for Android & Apple users


  • Number of surveys are less on some months.
  • If you have any problems, there is no direct email address or phone number to speak to the customer support team. You need to fill out a contact form and wait for a response but from my experience my queries were answered swiftly.



  • While signing up, will also need to answer some basic profile questions. This information is necessary for AttaPoll to match you with appropriate surveys.
  • On settings ensure you have enabled As many as possible under Survey Frequency tab 
  • If you do not get notifications about surveys, ensure you open the app every now and then and update your profile which ensures you can receive more surveys.
  • Each survey has star ratings, more the stars you are assured that you will not be ruled out of the survey. I often dont attend the surveys that has less than 3 star ratings.

I have attached proofs of payments I have received from attapoll till date. Another advantage with attapoll is that once you place withdrawal request,the amount is almost instantly transferred to your Paypal account.

I have earned 12.39$ from the application till date though I would have earned much more if I had taken up every survey I received on app. I am kinda lazy to do that 🤣 you know 

Don't expect huge withdrawals from the app. The earnings from the app is rather small compared to other platforms but hey this should suffice for a data recharge or few litres of petrol for your two wheeler 

As mentioned earlier I will be adding another website that paid me recently. Feel free to ask any questions. 

Happy earning guys 😀 Thanks 

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Thank you so much man! This will surely help people 🙂

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