Top 6 Apps To Make Money By Sharing Your Internet

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2022)

Ever heard of applications where you can make money by sharing your internet connection?

I have used them for more than a year and this will be a complete review and guide about it.

We will discuss each App in detail. But before that let us clear out an important thing that you might have on your mind.

How Will You Make Money By Sharing Your Internet?

As Internet has seen massive growth in the past few years, data and content have also grown rapidly with it. But there is a lot of content that is not accessible to all.

You might have known about multiple websites are blocked by your country’s government. To tackle this issue, various companies have started providing Residential Proxy Networks.

Residential Proxy Networks can be viewed as small network towers placed in every part of the world. And through these networks, various restricted content can be accessed.

Various businesses pay for accessing restricted content where you can be a part and make money. You can be a proxy network and businesses will pay you to access your internet.

Let us see the various websites that are currently providing the opportunity for you to be a proxy network and make money with it.


Peer2Profit does exactly what we described previously. You can be a part of Peer2Profit Network and make money passively.

Registering in Peer2Profit is very basic. You will just need to provide your email address and confirm it.

Once you are done with the process, you can download their application and it will run in the background to make you money. You can sign up using the below link.

Peer2Profit claims that the top earners make nearly $900/month sharing only internet data. I am not sure if that is possible.

But you can surely make some good passive income just by running the application.

Peer2Profit Device Availability

It is available for both PC and Mobile devices. You can download the file after registering on the platform.

Peer2Profit Payout Methods

Most of their payout options are Russia-specific wallets such as Qiwi, Yoomoney, Perfectmoney. However, you can also request crypto-based payouts.

The minimum payout threshold is set differently for different payout methods. However, the best option is LTC where you can withdraw only when you reach $2.


Spider is another Residential Proxy Network system. You can be a part of their network and start making money with them.

Registration is very simple. Just like the previous one, you will only need to provide your email address.

You will then need to download their application and leave it running in the background. It will make you money passively.

You will get a $5 instant bonus if you join through the link provided below.

Spider Different Earning Methods

1. Apart from the general selling of bandwidth, you can also make money at Spider just by being online on their website. The more time you are present, the more money you will make.

2. You can use multiple devices to sell more data. This will give you more rewards. But remember all the devices you add should be from different networks.

3. The more people you refer the more money you will make passively.

Spider Device Availability

Currently, Spider only supports PC devices. The application will be available to download after completing the registration process.

Spider Payout Methods

Spider pays via Paypal. However, the payment threshold is set to $20 which is a bit high looking at the amount of money you will make.


This is the most popular application and will also give you the most earnings if you use it correctly. There are a lot of hidden tricks to boost your earnings.

Just like the previous websites, registration is very simple. You just need to provide your email address.

To check the different earning methods, you can read our detailed guide on Honeygain where we have revealed a few secret ways to increase your earnings.

You will get an instant $5 if you join through the below link.

Honeygain Device Availability

Honeygain is available on almost all devices. You can download the application from their official website.

Honeygain Payout Methods

There are two different earning modes at Honeygain. If you use the default Honeygain mode then there are 3 payout methods.

You will be able to withdraw via Paypal, Bitcoin, and Jumptask (new crypto). The payment threshold is set at $20.

If you use the Jumptask mode, then there is no minimum amount to withdraw. And the only mode of withdrawal is via the Jumptask crypto wallet.

IPRoyal Pawns

This is quite a new platform but it pays the most for the bandwidth you share. The concept is the same as the previous websites.

Registration is completely the same as on the previous websites. Once you complete the signup process, download their application and start earning passively.

You can join the platform through the below link.

IPRoyal Device Availability

IPRoyal is available on both mobile and PC. You can download their application after completing the registration process.

The more device you use, the more money you will make.

IPRoyal Payout Methods

There are currently two payment options at IPRoyal. They are Bitcoin and Google Play Store credits. However, the payout options can vary from country to country.


This is a similar website to the previous ones. But it is a little complicated to set up. We will see the entire process how you can start earning with it.

You can join the website using the below link. Now let us discuss how you can set up Nanowire on your computer.

Nanowire Device Availability

Nanowire is only available on desktop devices. Download the CLI App mentioned on the homepage as per your operating system as shown in the image below.

Nanowire CLI AppAfter the download is complete, extract the files. Here you will have to do some configuration after which the application will run properly.

Nanowire Seller Configuration

Go to the settings page of Nanowire. You will see an option to create API Keys. Create an API Key with the Seller Mode.

Once the API is created, make sure you copy it somewhere as you will not be able to see it again after closing the window.

Now from the extracted files, open a file named nanowire.toml using notepad. Here you will see an api_key section. Just add the key that you copied in part shown in the image below.

Nanowire Toml File

Once you added it, just save the file. And then on the folder containing the Nanowire files, do ctrl+shift+mouse right-click. You will see the option “Open Powershell Window here”

Once the Powershell window opens, just enter the following command “./nanowire.exe sell“. If you performed all the steps correctly, then the connection will start.

Nanowire Payout Method

Nanowire pays via Nano crypto. There is no minimum withdrawal limit. You can withdraw any amount of Nano you earn directly to your Nano wallet.

Video Tutorial

If you want a video tutorial of this article, you can find it below.
Note: The video is in Hindi


PacketStream is a similar website to the previous ones. I have used it for almost a year and don’t have a good experience with it.

It has crashed my computer multiple times and also runs without my permission. This is the reason why I have completely deleted the software.

This is my personal review on PacketStream and I will not recommend anyone to join it.

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